The New Comparative Price Guide

The more information buyers and sellers have in determining the WORTH of a classic vehicle, the result will be more successful transactions. That’s a known fact!

“High Bid” auction results are costly failures for everyone involved. Comparing like-vehicles reduces the risk of selling too low or paying too much.

Using the DalyPLUSsm option, sellers know exactly what other similar vehicles have been successfully sold during recent public auctions.  Likewise, buyers will have a better expectation of what other buyers have paid for a comparable vehicle.

Better than a price guide!

The DalyComps Search Process has been modified to be Quicker and Easier to use.

The ability to search using multiple drop-down menus has been enhanced with a new, direct entry option for one or more criteria is available. Users can directly enter the Year or Make or Model or Style sought expediting a search.

DalyComps has a ‘continuous improvement’ policy, and is committed to answering the question, “What’s my car WORTH?” with accurate, timely and faster determination of a vehicle’s WORTH.

The DalyComps Team