Info to Know

Several factors impact the worth of an automobile. Grade/Condition, Provenance, and Rarity all matter.

Without a professional appraisal, ALL estimates are based on an owner’s self-appraisal.

Price Guides use multiple factors when publishing an estimated vehicle’s value.  Most rely on a “secret sauce” of experience or expertise for a valuation.

The GRADES are:

GRADE 1   World-Class, Premium Vehicle, Concours Qualified; is The Best of the Best

GRADE 2   Excellent Condition, Finely Maintained; is a well-documented Show Winner

GRADE 3   Good Condition, Very Good Original or Older Restoration, Looks & Drives Well

GRADE 4   The AVERAGE Vehicle – a typical “Daily Driver”

NOTE: An Estimated 80% of all Classic Vehicles are GRADE 3 or GRADE 4

GRADE 5   Vehicle is potentially RESTORABLE, requires a complete restoration

GRADE 6   A PARTS vehicle; used to restore another vehicle.